We are group of professionals having divercified experienced in different field. We are here to provide you better service with good quality of work. We are having spacialization in our field and therefore we want to provide you our service.The scheme to establish Sainik Schools was introduced with the primary aim of preparing boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy. Sainik Schools are premier educational institutions in the country imparting Military oriented education to the Cadets. They are administrated by Sainik Schools Society, Ministry of Defence. The mission of these schools is to prepare the cadets academically, physically and mentally to enter the portals of the National Defence Academy.The other objectives of Sainik Schools are The motto of Military / Sainik schools is same as RIMC. The entry age for these schools are upto 11 year for class VI & upto 14 year for class IX.

a) To remove regional imbalance in the Officer cadre of the defence services.
b) To develop qualities of body, mind and character which will enable the young boys to become good and useful citizens.
c) To bring Public School education within the reach of the common man.